Good Vibrations at "Granbury Live" – It's That Good!

Granbury Live

Granbury Live

I had the pleasure of meeting Sandi McRae (Owner and Host) earlier in the week and I was intrigued by her theater “Granbury Live”. 

I shared with her that I would love to do an article about her venue and she replied with a smile; “Well then, you need to come see a show, to give you something to write about! 

I graciously accepted her invitation and planned for the 2:00pm Saturday debut of “Good Vibrations” (Feeling Groovy in the 60’s). 

I was excited.  Sure, I love movies.  But this was going to be “live entertainment”.  I can hardly remember when I last attended a live concert or show.  The major venues and artists are either beyond my budget or the ticket availability is so limited that it makes it something that I can’t do very often. 

The BeatlesWhen I heard it was going to be a show featuring music from the 60’s I had to reminisce of what groups and songs that I enjoyed from that era.  To give you a little background of my music tastes, my CD collection includes everything from the Beach Boys and the Beatles to Shania Twain and Nickelback and a whole bunch of stuff in between. 

The 60’s had everything and anything as far as music and dance.  Many diverse musicians made their statement during that time-frame. 

Notably of course such artists and groups as The Beatles, Brenda Lee, The Beach Boys, Lulu, The Righteous Brothers, The Shangri Las, The Crystals, Neil Diamond, and of course SEAN MITCHELLThe King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley.  

So as the time approached for me to get ready for the show I was pleased that the dress code at “Granbury Live” is simply “to be comfortable and have fun.”  So it was jeans for me and after being there I learned it would have even been OK for me to wear shorts, which I probably should have done since we had another 100 degree day. 

I called before I left asking if it was OK to bring my camera and their response was “of course!”  They allow you to take photos anytime you want, however, they don’t allow any video recording. 

Arriving in Granbury on a Saturday afternoon, I noticed more traffic than usual, and I was concerned about parking availability.  There is so much to do in that area it is a popular place to be.  Parking real close to Granbury Live did seem questionable, but I was fortunate and found a spot within view of the theater.  I have always said, “I would rather be lucky, than smart!” 

Surfin SafariAnxious to see the facility I obtained my tickets from the box office.  I have to mention here that their staff is excellent!  Everyone I have spoken to on the phone and at the theater were absolutely the most helpful and friendliest folks I have come into contact with in a long time. 

Finding my way to my seat the first thing that I noticed was that it was a lot smaller than I had expected.  I am guessing, probably around 300 or so as far as seating capacity.  But the good news is that there is definitely not a “bad seat” to be found.  This show is going to be up close and personal regardless of where you sit. 

I located my seat and waited with anticipation for the show to begin.  

The curtain finally rose and we were off.  Off to the land of the 1960’s.  Within 30 seconds of the concert’s beginning I had no doubt that this was going to be a very good time! 

Zac WilsonOne of the early songs performed was “The Lion Sleeps Tonight by The Tokens” sung today by talented performer Zac Wilson.  When it began I thought to myself (“I forgot that song and how much I really liked it”).  

One thing I ask you to keep in mind.  While at this performance, I was not taking any notes, or using my digital voice recorder as I sometimes do when preparing for a post.  Everything I write today is from memory alone.  I was there to have fun.  Being able to write about it later was just an added benefit.  My point here is, that if I mention a name that is incorrect, or leave out anyone, it is only due to the above. 

The performance moved quickly.  The transitioning between artists and segments was pulled off seamlessly without missing a “beat” (pun intended).

Mr RogersComedy and dialogue were inserted at times to allow for costume changes as well.  I would love to tell you about some of it, but the surprise and wow factor is something that I recommend that you experience for yourself.  Let’s just say it is “all about the ‘60’s!” And I am not just talking about the music. 

“Good Vibrations” included nine performers and musicians and I have to say that they did the job of many more. Each and every one of them has extraordinary talent and energy and you could tell that they truly love what they do!  

ALECIA ECHOLSThe vocalists included Sean Mitchell, Zac Wilson, Alecia Echols, and Karla Nivens. Also featuring Mike Echols, a gifted fiddle player who will knock your socks off! 

All of the songs performed were superb.  A few that come to mind that I particularly enjoyed were:  “I’m Sorry”, “Leader of the Pack”, “To Sir, With Love”, “Barbara Ann”, “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”, “My Way”, and “Hey Jude”. 

The concert is roughly two hours in length with a brief intermission. There was a prize drawing and time to get snacks or make a stop to purchase CD’s, T-shirts, and more.  

Granbury Live prides itself in providing excellent family entertainment.  To quote Ms. McRae; you can bring your Children, your Grand Children, or even your Pastor and not have to worry about being embarrassed. 

The show will make you smile, laugh, tap your feet, clap your hands, swing your arms back and forth, dance in the aisles, and maybe even shed a tear.  It’s that good! 

Now in closing, I always report the good with the “bad”.  So I have to tell you, the bad was … that I did not want it to end! 

I guess I will just have to go back! 🙂

To Sandi McRae and all of the performers and staff, I thank you for the entertainment experience that you provided.  It was an afternoon that I will not soon forget. 

As always ….. it’s just me saying!

For more information and tickets contact:
Granbury Live
110 N. Crockett St 
Granbury TX
800-989-8240   817-573-0303
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